Lourdes Martinez, Nursing & Laser Specialist

Lourdes Martinez comes to Urato Dermatology with five years of experience in the field of  Dermatology and with elite training in aesthetics, photorejeuvenation and dermatology laser and light technology. She spearheads our Laser Program dedicated to the long-term health and beauty of the skin for all ethnicities and age groups.

Her goal for every cosmetic patient is to create a customized comprehensive program to address immediate and long-term goals that are realistic and affordable in each individual's budget. Lourdes has expert training in Coolsculpting, Ulthera, Clear and Brilliant fraxel laser treatments (for tone and texture improvement and pore reduction) as well as expertise in tailored chemical peels used in Dermatology (Jessner's, TCA peels, Glycolic Acid, Citric Acid). For patients with sun damage and/or precancerous skin, our cosmetic program includes photodynamic therapy and cosmetic laser treatments (IPL and Fraxel Restore) for finer lines, wrinkles and pigment irregularities.

Lourdes also specializes in assisting patients with a home care regimen for facial skin care that includes selecting a proper sunscreen, cleanser and moisturizer and considering a retinaldehyde and antioxidant.

Lourdes also has a special interest in the diagnosis of acne for all age groups and designs customized programs with Dr. Urato to supplement prescription medications.

Dr. Urato and Lourdes work together closely with our melasma and dyschromia patients to design appropriate programs with sunscreens, retinioids, vitamin C antioxidant serums, and Clear and Brilliant fraxel laser treatments to address these stubborn and chronic conditions.

Lourdes hails from Ecuador and is the proud mother of two daughters. She lives with her family in Framingham.

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